KeHong Enterprises Co.,Limited

KeHong Enterprise Co., Ltd. headquarters located in HongKong, factories are located in famous sea port city Guangzhou and Shenzhen of China, factories have obtained the certification of ISO 9001.

Hot Products

    • 4 Fingers Cable Breakout

      4 Fingers Cable Breakout

      4 Fingers cable breakout 4 Fingers cable breakout is suitable for protection of insulation and sealing in fork position, excepting 4 fingers cable breakout, we produce two cores, three cores ,five cores, and six cores heat shrink cable breakout, coated with hot melt adhesive, provide excellent...

    • Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

      Silicone Cold Shrink Tubing

      Simple safe installation, requires no tools or special training. Silicone cold shrink tubing offering good mechanical, insulation and sealing protection No torches or heat required. Good thermal stability. Main Color: Gray or Black Introduction: KeHong silicone cold shrink tubing made of...