Custom Shrink Label Laser Tag For Cable Identification

Sleeves meet the requirements of AMS-DTL-23053/5 (materials and performance). Flexible, highly flame-retardant. Sleeves meet the print performance requirements of MIL-M-81531. Markers can also provide insulation and strain relief. Marks are permanent after printing; mark performance improves after shrinking. Conform to European RoHS environmental directive.

Product Details

      Heat Shrink label  tag marker sleeves for cable identification

Specification values

Physical properties:

  Tensile strength                                10.3 MPa min.

  Elongation                                    200% min.

  Low temperature flexibility   (-55, 4hrs)         No cracking

  Heat shock                (250, 4hrs)         No cracking, dripping, or flowing

Print performance:

  UL224                                       50 rubs, legible

  MIL-M-81531                                 50 rubs, legible

  MIL-STD-202                                 30 strokes, legible

Electrical properties:

  Dielectric voltage withstand  2.5KV, 60 sec         No breakdown

Dielectric strength                              19.7KV/mm min.

Volume resistivity                              1014Ω·cm min.

Chemical properties:

  Corrosion                                      No corrosion

Flammability  AMS-DTL-23053/5                 Average burn time is less than 1 minute

Fluid resistance: (23, 24 hrs)                      Followed by print performancetests of  MIL-M-81531

 Hydraulic fluids (MIL-H-5606)

 JP-4 fuel (MIL-T-5624)

 Lubricating oil (MIL-L-7808)

 Lubricating oil (MIL-L-23699)

Freeze resistance liquid (MIL-A-8243)

marker sleeve (10)

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