Plastic Printable Cable Marker Tags

Permanent identification sleeves Good fluid resistant Computer-Printable Low smoke and Rosh criterion Lightweight for aerospace applications Quick Recovery for heat sensitive areas For space flight, and Railway

Product Details

Plastic printable Cable Marker Tags

Low Fire Hazard Marker Tags


1) Material: Radiation Cross –linked polyolefin 

2) Application:

The cable Marker Tag are made from zero halogen, low smoke, low toxicity, radiation cross-linked, UV stabilized polyolefin sheet, formed into punched organized cable markers on a paper carrier, They are used for identification of cables and wire bundles by computer-based printing onto markers, Markers are attached using cable ties, this marker tag are ideal for applications where limited fire hazard characteristics are necessary, can be used in wide variety, The marker tags are good fluid, fuel, lube resistant performance and permanent immediately after printing and remain legible even when exposed to abrasion, aggressive cleaning solvents, and military fuels and oils

3) Color: White/Yellow

Temperature Rating:

4) Operating temperature range:-40 to 125℃

5) Specification/Approval

UL Recognized, Military SAE AS 81531 4.6.2. MIL-STD-202 method 215J

Meet the performance requirements of SAE-ASM-DTL-23053/5 Class 1

Industry ASTM D2671

BS 6853. DIN 5510-2

6) Printer Information:

Thermal transfer printer, such as Panduit, CAB A+