Branch Off Clip For Fiber Optic Closure

Branch off clips are used to branch a joint into two or three out. The hot melt in the center leg fills and seals the gaps at the branch-off joint.

Product Details

Branch off Clip for Fiber Optic Closure


Branch off Clip is with color of orange usually. It is cast by aluminum alloy which resists to high temperature, and coating by high temperature adhesive, molding by EVA or PA hot melting adhesive.


Divergence Card Product Advantages:
1. With the heat shrinkable casing in the communication cable when the connection is used for branching
2. With vertical (HAT) Cable connector box Cable Branch
3. With radio and television light/cable connection when the branch
4. With the branch of the railway signal cable
5. Can do a point two, divided into three, to achieve a variety of cable perfect branch!
6. Selection of mid-toe hot Melt Adhesive: Japan Mitsui Eva Hot Melt adhesive; German Henkel PA type Hot melt adhesive.