40mm Semi Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tube with Adhesive

- Feb 27, 2020-

3m shrink tubing adhesive heat shrink

Semi Rigid Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tube with Adhesive is made of semi rigid polyolefin extruded with a layer of hot melt adhesive inside. This product carries excellent insulation and sealing, corrosion resistance performance, and are found in wide applications like insulation and protection of medium and low voltage cable middle connections and terminations , busbars, as well as different kinds of pipelines because of its excellent corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, and abrasion resistance performances.



Shrink ratio:6:1

Semi rigid, non flame retardant, environmentally friendly

Shrink temperature:80°C ~120°C

Continuous operating temperature:-55°C ~110°C

RoHS compliant

Standard colors: black

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