80mm 1KV Busbar power phase heat shrink tubing

- Jan 06, 2020-

Material: Polyolefin

Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1 (will maximum shrink to 1/2 of its supplied diameter)

Minimum Shrinkage Temp: +70°C

Full Shrinkage Temp: +110°C maximum

Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C

Tensile strength: 10.4 Mpa

Dielectric strength: 15 kv/mm

Flammability: Flame Retardant

Cutting method: Scissors or sharp knife

Manufacture specification: ISO9001

Approvals: UL RoHs Approved

Size: Φ80mm(3inch)

Product name: 1KV heat shrinkable cable sleeve

Features: With excellent flame retardant, environmental protection, insulation, soft, stable performance, low shrinkage temperature, rapid contraction;

Applications: mainly used for wire connection, solder joint protection, wire end wiring harness, electronic device protection and insulation treatment, parts and metal surface protection, related products rust, corrosion treatment, wire and other product identification.

Color: Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, two-color, etc.(Other colors can be customized.)

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