Application of 10kV medium voltage heat shrinkable tube in switch cabinet

- Nov 16, 2020-

In China, a solar farm customer specializing in manufacturing and exporting needs to use medium pressure heat shrinkable tubes. After a period of communication, Guangzhou Kehong electronics company was selected as the only supplier of medium pressure heat shrinkable tubes.

The company's business began with low-voltage switchgear, and gradually expanded. After several years of development, they cooperated with the government to conduct infrastructure bidding.

Through six years of R & D and production, the company has independent intellectual property rights and advanced technical strength level, and is committed to building a professional supplier of industrial electrical insulation protection in China.

The medium pressure heat shrinkable pipe is made of polyolefin material. The withstand voltage can reach 10kV. The standard colors are red, yellow and green. Of course, there are also blue and black to choose from. When selecting Kehong medium voltage heat shrinkable pipe, it can be equipped with bus joint insulation box. The material is the same as that of bus bar heat shrinkable pipe, which is mainly used for insulation protection of joint lap joint.

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