Application of busbar heat-shrinkable bushing in switchgear

- Jul 06, 2020-

The busbar heat-shrinkable tube is made of polyolefin material, which shrinks when it encounters a heat source. The diameter and thickness of the tube will change with it. It can mainly play the role of insulation protection and is widely used in some power distribution places.

Heat-shrinkable busbars for switchgear are used for insulated busbars to provide abrasion resistance and conductors, environmentally friendly connections, connectors and terminals. It is usually placed on the connection and then heated to shrink.

During the heat shrinking process, the diameter of the busbar heat shrinkable tube will gradually decrease until it completely wraps the part that needs to be protected. The busbar heat shrinkable tube can provide excellent electrical insulation, protection against dust, solvents and other impurities, and Contingency relief.


If we do not protect these parts, do you know the consequences?

     1. Short circuit

     2. Busbar corrosion

     3. Insufficient safety distance: small spacing, compact switch

     4. Blurred positioning: no logo, poor weather resistance

     In order to make the switchgear safer, we recommend the use of busbar heat shrink tubing for insulation protection.

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