Application of Clasp Silicone Tube in Indonesian Overhead Cable

- Jun 26, 2019-

Clasp-type silicone tube, that is, clasp-type silicone rubber insulated sleeve. It is mainly used in the protection of overhead cable and aluminium strand, increasing the safety distance, etc.

The Republic of Indonesia, known as Indonesia for short, is the largest archipelagic country in the world. Its territory spans Asia and Oceania, also known as the "Thousand Islands Country". In Kundian City, the capital of West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, because children on the island like to fly kites, kite wires are stranded on overhead cables, which are very vulnerable to electric shock and very dangerous. For this reason, the Indonesian PLN electric power department has found our Kehong Electric Enterprises, hoping that we can provide it with a 220KV resistant product suitable for overhead cable protection. Our company recommended the clip-on silicone tube for it.

The clamped silica gel tube can be directly covered on overhead cables without using expensive conductors to replace aluminium strands or additional accessories. The innovative product design is simple to install and easy to use. Using silicone rubber material, anti-ultraviolet aging, anti-drip leakage corrosion, good corona resistance, high temperature resistance, especially suitable for the insulation protection of bare aluminium strands. It is widely used in substation safety protection and railway catenary protection.

PLN electric power department encountered the problem of no live installation in the process of installation. Kehong Electronics designed a special and novel tool to ensure fast and reliable live installation of clip-on silicone tube.

During half a year's contacts, from testing to placing orders and then to actual use, the PLN Power Department of Indonesia approved and satisfied the Kohong electronic buckle silicone tube.