Application of Double-wall Heat Shrink Tube for Automobile Wire Harness in Mercedes-Benz Lamp

- May 27, 2019-

When we buy a new car or your existing car, do you feel dim lights, tired and unsafe driving at night? Introduce to you how to use the car harness with double-wall heat shrink tube to transform the lamp, so that you have millions of luxury driving lights to enjoy and drive safely, and then fall in love with the night!

We take Mercedes-Benz as an example, lens selection: Q5 lens + decoder stabilizer + CBI xenon lamp + ultrawhite light, configuration as follows:

Lens: Q5 small lens (near light width, sharp cutting line, far light range, focus)

Stabilizer: CANBUS stabilizer (decoder stabilizer quality is stable)

Xenon lamp: Osram CBI Xenon lamp (5500K Benz S original, true white color temperature, maximum brightness, and does not affect the light penetration, visual effect is super good).

Speaking of the upgrade of the lamp, you will surely think of xenon lamp. It is no mystery to refit xenon lamp. But friends who have changed xenon lamp may know that the lamp is very bright outside the car after refitting. When you turn on the near light, others think that you are driving in the far light. It is easy to cause danger to the other party's friends when meeting the car, but they can't see the road in the car, because what is the reason? Well, because xenon lamps are too astigmatic!

Real lamp upgrade-modified bi-xenon headlamp, so-called bi-xenon headlamp (BI-XENON) is a lamp that places HID in a special lens to achieve illumination. It produces a strong light with a luminosity of more than 3200 lumency and generates a uniform illumination surface by focusing the bi-lens, which is 3-5 times brighter than the original lamp. The near-light cutting line is clear and will not cause line-of sight interference to the opposite vehicle. The standard illumination distance is 28 meters and the width is 28 meters. 16 meters (one-way four-lane), with a distance of 300 meters and concentrated light. In addition, because of the principle of lens rendering, the illumination range of light is larger and the brightness is more uniform, and the instantaneous switching of far and near light is realized through the lens variable light system, without delay, so as to ensure the safety of driving. Moreover, because of its novel shape, it improves the overall aesthetic feeling of the vehicle. At present, most imported vehicles in China and top-level configuration of high-end models will be equipped with bixenon lamps, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi...

Four Standards for Refitting Automotive Lamps with Double-wall Heat-shrinkable Tubes

1. Light-type standard, strictly in accordance with the automobile lighting standards, upgrade the double xenon lens after the light concentration, stability, non-scattering, not dazzling, greatly improve the lighting effect, enhance driving safety, annual review is not limited. The standard near-light cutting line must be left and right neat, parallel to the ground, the far-light effect is columnar, the original vehicle independent far-light and lens far-light in a horizontal line, the focus error can not exceed 1.5CM.

2. Seal well, do not enter water into fog, otherwise it will affect the effect of car lights.

3. Safety. It can't destroy the original car's circuit and structure, and ensure the integrity and stability of the original car's circuit. Wire harness joints must be welded and covered with taped double-wall heat shrinkable tubes to avoid the danger of electric leakage and ignition.

4. Post-service. A responsible reformer will provide you with the fullest possible post-service. Know that even the most perfect product will have problems on that day.