Application of Double wall Heat-shrinkable tubes in Textile Machinery

- Apr 24, 2019-

An electronic technology limited company is a high-tech enterprise which integrates research and development, production, sales and service of electromagnets. The company has the most advanced production equipment in the world, and has formed a production base to replace international brands in textile machinery, automobile, logistics, sewing machine, railway transportation, medical equipment, household appliances and other industries. It has successfully developed electronic dobby electromagnet, jacquard electromagnet, sewing machine electromagnet, automobile electrospray electromagnet and other products. Some products have obtained international UL certification and CE recognition. It has been awarded many times by the ministries and commissions of the state and has become a key new product in Shanghai and the state through the transformation of high-tech achievements in Shanghai. The company has been recognized as ten famous brands in China's electromagnet industry, top ten enterprises in China's textile machinery spare parts production, national demonstration enterprises of double guarantee of quality and credibility, AAA-level quality and integrity members of China Quality and Credit Commission, and trustworthy units of quality and integrity consumption (users) of China Quality and Credit Promotion Association.

In 2015, the company's new textile machinery development project requires the use of heat shrinkable pipes to protect the machinery. Considering the need for waterproof fittings and high mechanical performance requirements, we choose our environmental friendly double-wall heat shrinkable pipes.

Textile machinery is a variety of mechanical equipment needed to process natural or chemical fibers into textiles. Generalized textile machinery also includes chemical machinery for the production of chemical fibers. Textile machinery is the means of production and material basis of textile industry. Its technological level, quality and manufacturing cost are directly related to the development of textile industry. Our double-walled heat shrinkable tube has excellent insulation, flame retardant, physical, chemical and electrical properties. The inner hot melt adhesive can cushion mechanical strain and seal well. It uses two requirements of house machinery.

It should be noted that considering that textile machinery has certain requirements for the accuracy of mechanical fittings, when choosing double-wall heat-shrinkable tubes, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size. When the wall thickness is too thick, people can choose smaller size and larger shrinkage rate tubes. After heat-shrinkage, the wall thickness of heat-shrinkable tubes is relatively small because of incomplete shrinkage.