Application of EPDM cold shrinkable tube in mining industry

- Jun 24, 2020-

The global economy is a very hard year in 2020. The oil crisis, economic collapse, and continued downturn in the mining industry have brought serious challenges to the development of our foreign trade business.

     For Ke Hong Electronics, it should help customers expand new markets as much as possible, win more business opportunities, help customers, and also help our business expansion. The following is an example for the Russian mining market.

     The Russian mining market has continued to slump in the past few months. We have a Russian customer who is mainly engaged in mining projects. They found that we have a solution for underground cable protection and sealing, which requires the use of our insulated cable sleeves. Tubes, especially EPDM cold shrink tubes.

     Our EPDM cold shrink tube and 3M cold shrink tube have the same effect, but they are more competitive in price, and we can also customize special colors. We customized a batch of white cold shrink tubes for Korean customers.

In the past period of time, our EPDM cold shrink tube has passed the IP68 waterproof test, UV resistance, aging resistance and RoHS certification.

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