Application of fiberglass tube in brush holder

- May 18, 2020-

The application of fiberglass tube is very extensive. Pizza stove, thermistor, fuse built-in wire harness, automobile wire harness, etc. today's fiberglass tube small braid introduces the application of fiberglass tube in brush holder.

Brush holder is a kind of device which can fix drainage. The function of the brush holder is to apply the pressure on the carbon brush sliding contact with the commutator or collector ring surface through the spring, so that it can conduct the current stably between the fixed body and the rotating body. For motor, brush holder and carbon brush are very important parts. No matter how good the characteristics of the carbon brush, when the brush holder is not suitable, the carbon brush not only can not give full play to its excellent characteristics, but also will bring great influence on the performance and life of the motor itself.

Therefore, the protection of the brush holder is particularly important. The brush holder is a consumable. If it is well protected, it can extend the naming of the equipment. The glass fiber tube is sheathed on the copper wire harness of the brush holder, which not only plays the role of insulation, but also can be wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and heat insulation. In the high work of the motor, the erosion of oil stains and high-temperature aging are inevitable. The glass fiber tube is woven from the glass fiber wire, soaked with silicone high-temperature treatment, with the characteristics of voltage resistance, heat insulation, light weight, corrosion resistance, etc.

At the same time, the brush holder is mostly used in the motor, and the wire harness in the motor industry standard and relevant certification regulations needs insulating sleeve for protection, while the fiberglass tube becomes its first choice.