Application of fiberglass tube in temperature fuse harness

- May 21, 2020-

Fiberglass tube small series to introduce the use of fiberglass tube in the temperature fuse harness and explain why the temperature fuse needs to use fiberglass tube.

Temperature fuse is also called thermal fuse link and temperature controller. It is a cut-off device that detects the surface temperature of the heating element and plays a protective role. The temperature fuse can sense the overheat produced in the abnormal operation of electrical and electronic products, thus cutting off the circuit to avoid the occurrence of fire.

Temperature fuses can be seen in the hair dryer, electric iron, electric rice cooker, electric stove, transformer, motor, water dispenser, coffee pot, etc. which are common in life. At the same time, fiberglass tube can be seen in the wiring harness connected with the temperature fuse, so why should the temperature fuse be applied to fiberglass tube.

First of all, the characteristics of fiberglass tube are: good anti-aging and corrosion resistance, temperature control fuse is often used in all kinds of harsh environment, long-term use is easy to affect the performance of temperature fuse, put on fiberglass tube can play a certain role in protection;

Fiberglass tube is heat-resistant, temperature resistant and high voltage resistant. The temperature of temperature control fuse varies from 70 ℃ to 300 ℃. Only fiberglass tube with high temperature and voltage resistance is suitable for insulation protection of temperature fuse;

Fiberglass tube is light in weight, high in strength and small in friction resistance. It does not affect the function of temperature control fuse when used in temperature control fuse harness.

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