Application of halogen-free heat shrinkable identification tube in decoration

- Apr 15, 2020-

In the decoration and home appliance industry, we will recommend the halogen-free heat shrinkable identification tube and other special requirements identification tube produced by our company at this time because of the need of identification and printing of art logo.

The halogen-free heat shrinkable marking tube is designed for environmental protection, economic and practical use and high reliability, and is made of cross-linked environmental friendly polyolefin heat shrinkable material. It complies with UL224 and can / CSA c22.2 standards. There are two types of fit type and continuous type, and three shrinkage ratios of 2:13:1 and 4:1 for users to choose. The printing of the product has excellent abrasion and wear resistance. The color code firmness still meets the requirements of American military standard sae-as 81531 and mil-std-202f / 215j even if it is corroded by cleaning agent or military fuel before and after heat shrinkage, and the permanent marking effect is maintained.

The main advantages of halogen-free heat shrinkable identification tube are as follows:

1、 Can be shrink wrapped tightly on the wire;

2. This kind of identification tube is silk screen printing, which can achieve the function of permanent identification;

3. Normal temperature tolerance is 125 ℃;

4. We can print according to the printing content provided by customers;

5. All kinds of colors can be made, with specifications ranging from 8mm to 300mm.

If the customer has special requirements for temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, we can recommend another type of high-temperature resistant identification tube, which is mainly made of PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride. The maximum temperature resistance of the identification tube can reach 225 degrees. This type of high-temperature resistant identification tube is mainly used in aerospace, ship, engine oil circuit and other parts.

In the application of identification, another common identification scheme is: many customers will consider the cost, sometimes they will use paper label printing, and then put transparent heat shrinkable tube on the outer layer.

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