Application of Heat-shrinkable Pipe in Explosion-proof Equipment of Coal Mine

- Apr 23, 2019-

X Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the design, production, processing, testing of key components of mechanical and electrical equipment, gas explosion suppression equipment, and sales of home-made products and related products maintenance, after-sales service and technical support. Main products of customers: explosion-proof equipment for coal mines, customers use our products: red, yellow, blue heat shrinkable tubes.

Examples of specific application products: explosion-proof LED mine lamp, explosion-proof mine liquid level sensor

Case study:

A. Since it is used in explosion-proof equipment in coal mines, the quality of heat-shrinkable tubes, i.e. mechanical properties, is the precondition of guarantee, so double-wall heat-shrinkable tubes or medium-thick-wall heat-shrinkable tubes become the first choice.

B. Safety issues: Because heat-shrinkable pipes are mainly used in mechanical joints of explosion-proof equipment, pressure resistance is the key point to consider. The heat-shrinkable pipes with a general pressure level of 600V are enough.

C, life, environmental protection and other issues: considering the harsh environment of coal mine application, the material of heat-shrinkable pipes should be selected in the middle and high grades, because the quality of material is closely related to the service life of heat-shrinkable pipes.

D. Colour recognition problem: Coal mine working environment is usually dark, heat shrinkage pipe can often play the role of color recognition, especially the connection of grounding wire. Yellow-green heat shrinkage pipe or bright color heat shrinkage pipe can be used to distinguish, in order to play the role of safety marking.