Application of heat shrinkable tube in electronic equipment

- Nov 01, 2019-

Radiation crosslinking heat shrinkable tube (hereinafter referred to as heat shrinkable tube) has the unique function of automatically reducing the diameter after being heated. In addition, it also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent insulation performance and high mechanical strength. Therefore, it has become an essential new type of insulation and sealing material in modern electronic equipment. The electrical connectors, probes and wire ends used in electric water bottles, electric coffee pots, automatic dishwashers, etc. are especially necessary to be insulated and sealed by heat shrinkable tubes in the harsh environment of high temperature and humidity.

The heat shrinkable tube is very convenient to use. As long as the heat shrinkable tube of proper length is sleeved on the pole part of the object to be wrapped, the heat shrinkable tube is heated to 120 ℃ or above by the heat source such as the electric hair dryer or heated by the contact of the hot electric iron shell, the heat shrinkable tube will automatically shrink radially and wrap the wrapped object tightly

Heat shrinkable tube is often used to restore the insulation at the branch joints of wires.

The welding point of branch lead shall be smooth without burr, so as to avoid burr penetration when shrinking the heat shrinkable tube, which will affect the insulation effect. If the joint needs to be protected from water immersion, it can apply a layer of scratch glue on the overlapping part of wire insulation and heat shrinkable tube, and then heat the heat shrinkable tube.

After the insulation layer of the end of the wire is peeled off, the mechanical stress at the root of the core wire is concentrated and easy to break. Another example is in the connector with small space, the distance between pins is small, and pins are easy to contact and short circuit. In these cases, heat shrinkable tube is used to cover the end of the wire, so that the welding piece and wire insulation are integrated, which not only disperses the mechanical stress, but also covers the welding point, prevents the corrosion of the welding point by harmful gases such as water vapor, and improves the reliability of the connector.

An example in which a resistance or a small circuit board is applied to a lead and then sealed with a heat shrinkable tube. The lead solder joint of the resistance is bent into a circle shape, which is conducive to the firmness and smoothness of the solder joint.

Heat shrinkable tube is used for wire code indication. The user can print the product name, model and factory name on the adhesive paper according to the drawing number or according to the needs, and outsource the heat shrinkable tube, which is convenient, clear and not easy to fall off.

The heat shrinkable tube can also be used for insulation and sealing of coils and probes. In a word, after using heat shrinkable tube in electronic equipment, the wiring of the whole machine can be neat and beautiful.

Heat shrinkable pipe shall be marked in a / b form, i.e. the pipe with an inner diameter of a mm can be shrunk to B mm at least.

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