Application of Heat-shrinkable Tube in Engine Electromagnet

- Apr 30, 2019-

Electromagnet is a device that generates electromagnetism by electrifying. The coil with current is magnetic like a magnet. It is also called an electromagnet. We usually make it into strip or hoof shape to make the core more easily magnetized.

Electromagnets are widely used in our daily life. Because of its invention, the power of generators has been greatly improved.

Thermal shrinkage pipes are often used in electromagnets for wear resistance, insulation and waterproof. Electromagnets are used in the engines of our common concrete trucks on construction sites. Ferromagnets have several major requirements. Firstly, they are easy to install and maintain, including the selection of electromagnets and reset springs. They should operate and stop the engine under any conditions. The size of the electromagnet depends on the elimination of high temperature and low pressure. The design of retaining coil can maintain continuous operation under the harshest temperature and vibration conditions, so the heat-shrinkable pipe used in ferromagnets has certain requirements for temperature-resistant grade and friction-resistant mechanical properties.

The magnet protection module can prevent the pulling coil from overheating. The heat shrinkable tube protects the ferromagnet under high speed operation. The wire harness is not easy to fall off and wear, and the service life of the ferromagnet is increased.


Heat shrink tube A-2(NH)