Application of Heat-shrinkable Tube in LED Light Wire Harness

- Jul 30, 2019-

With the popularization and application of LED energy-saving lamps, more and more enterprises and families choose LED energy-saving lamps. At present, LED fluorescent lamp is the most widely used and widely used product in indoor LED lighting. Compared with traditional fluorescent lamp, it has incomparable advantages, so there are many enterprises producing LED lamps in the market, and the quality and performance of products are also very different. Users do not know what to do when choosing products. They may spend a high price instead of buying the ideal products they want. Our customer Opel Lighting as a professional manufacturer now shares with you how to choose a good fluorescent LED tube from the aspects of profile, power supply and chip.

1. Look at the profile and structure of the LED fluorescent tube. At present, the LED fluorescent lamps sold on the market are basically divided into two types of profiles: full plastic and semi-plastic semi-aluminium tubes. In terms of heat dissipation performance, semi-plastic semi-aluminium tube has good heat dissipation performance, which greatly prolongs the life of LED.

2. Look at the chip of LED fluorescent lamp. At present, 3528, 3020, 3014 and other specifications are used in fluorescent lamps. These specifications are mainly different in size, size and heat dissipation mode of chips. The same brand of chips, packaging manufacturers are different, their quality is also different. For example: OPL lighting LED chips are all imported chips, processed and packaged by large manufacturers, which fundamentally guarantees the quality of lamps.

3. Look at the power supply of LED fluorescent lamps. The power supply of LED fluorescent lamp can be divided into two types: built-in type and external type. The so-called built-in means that the power supply can be placed inside the lamp tube. The greatest advantage of this built-in type is that it can directly replace the existing fluorescent lamp tubes without any circuit changes. So the built-in shapes are made into long strips to fit into the semi-circular lamp tube.

IV. Look at other accessories of LED fluorescent lamps

Good quality lamps and lanterns, the workmanship of accessories is very fine, and complete accessories, the main accessories are: power protection cover, insulating sheet, heat shrinkable tube, insulating box, fixed end, PC mask, substrate, etc. PVDF heat-shrinkable tubes are often used in LED lamps, but we can analyze the characteristics of PVDF heat-shrinkable tubes from the specific requirements in the use process. Kehong PVDF is made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) modified by radiation. It can be used at high temperature for a long time. It has wear resistance, cutting resistance, resistance to most oils and chemical solvents. It is a solid, semi-rigid, thin-walled heat-shrinkable tube, especially suitable for high temperature applications requiring excellent resistance to friction, cutting and excellent chemical and oil corrosion. Transparent polyfluoroethylene materials also facilitate visual inspection of encapsulated components. And widely used in high temperature, industrial fuels, solvents and chemical reagents erosion of welding points, terminals and cable protection, aerospace, military, medical, high temperature and chemical resistance and other places.

An excellent commodity is a first-class quality product regardless of appearance or internal accessories. I believe that if you choose to use Kehong heat shrinkable tube as the insulation accessories of your products, you will surely make your products more trusted by consumers.