Application of Heat-shrinkable Tube in Sensor Wire Harness

- Jul 31, 2019-

Sensors: Integrated sensors are classified from various types of sensors in manufacturing process, and are manufactured by standard technology for the production of silicon-based semiconductor integrated circuits. Integrated sensor is made of silicon semiconductor integrated technology, so it is also called silicon sensor or monolithic integrated temperature sensor. It is a special IC that integrates temperature sensor on a chip and can complete temperature measurement and analog signal output function.

In 2010, Company A began to apply the heat shrinkage tube of our company. By integrating various sensors (position, force, pressure, discrete switch, acceleration, angular velocity, liquid level, etc.) in the electronic module of digital signal concentrator, the company designed an integrated sensor subsystem. By optimizing the length of the sensor wire around the central signal centralized module, the customer has successfully achieved a significant weight loss.

The integrated sensors manufactured by the company are suitable for lightweight, package subsystem solutions for aircraft induction applications. Therefore, the sealing and protection requirements for the sensors are high. The choice of low smoke, halogen-free, environmentally friendly and flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tubes is of course the first choice.