Application of Heat Shrinkage Marking Tube in Motor

- Oct 11, 2019-

On the 1.5 kilowatt four-pole special motor of X6325 rocker universal milling machine, the heat-shrinkable marking tube produced by Kehong Electronics Co., Ltd. is used as the end marker of the motor lead-out line, replacing the commonly used aluminium marking sheet.

There are twelve outlet heads of the special motor for export. It does not need wiring boards (this structure refers to the imported prototype from the United States). Although it is a small part in the whole motor, it seems insignificant, but it is directly related to whether the user can use it correctly. Because it is obviously unreliable to adopt the aluminium label sheet in this structure, and the possibility of falling off is very great. If the general plastic sleeve is used, the thickness is difficult to control, the selection of fines can not be set, and the thickness is too loose to fall off, so they can not be used.

After many collections, we found that in the electronic industry, thermal shrinkable marking tubes are widely used as packaging of electrolytic capacitors, electronic devices, batteries and so on, especially in the shell of electrolytic capacitors. The sleeve can also be printed.

The heat shrinkage marking tube is simple in process and does not need a die. Lead wires of different thicknesses and fineness can be used with casing of different diameters, which is convenient to use.

The casing sleeve will not fall off after being put on. There is no possibility that the loosening of the aluminium label sheet will lead to the enclosure and short circuit.

The cost of heat shrinkable casing is low.

The heat shrinkable sleeve is beautiful and eye-catching without using non-ferrous metals.

In addition, it can also be used as the protection of motor axle extension. When the motor leaves the factory, it is sleeved on the axle extension. After heating and contraction, it is tightly wrapped on the axle extension and flat key. It is more beautiful and advanced than wrapping with plastic paper. Especially, it is more convenient for the motor with baking paint for surface paint.