Application of Heat Shrinkage Marking Tube in Electronic Industry

- Oct 14, 2019-

Thermal shrinkage marking tube: Made of crosslinked environmental friendly polyolefin thermal shrinkage material, the base material has memory function, the surface is specially treated, and the font has permanent marking.

In order to facilitate production, debugging, maintenance and testing, it is often necessary to mark the end of the connected cable, that is, to make the cable label.

There are many ways to make cable label. In the past, there were two main ways to make cable label in our company.

(1) Stainless steel sign: Cut 0.5mm thick stainless steel plate into T-shaped blank, and carve characters on the blank by hand-engraving machine and pre-made typeface. This process is time-consuming, inefficient and unsuitable for mass production. Moreover, the sign has poor vibration resistance and is easy to loosen, so it can not be used in airborne and airborne electronic equipment.

(2) Plastic casing label: that is to say, the characters are written by hand on the plastic casing. The characters of this kind of sign are neither beautiful nor clear. The sign can only be used at room temperature, and its service life is short and it is easy to aging.

Due to the limitations of material, form and manufacturing technology, the above cable label can not meet the needs of modern electronic products. For this reason, we adopt a new type of heat-shrinkable label, and adopt the computer-aided design and manufacture of the label content of the process and the corresponding label assembly process.

The heat shrinkable label is produced by Guangzhou Kehong Electronics Co., Ltd. The content of the label is designed with the company's label design software and printed on the casing by a heat transfer printer. The sign is then placed at the end of the cable and heated to shrink.

It is very convenient and flexible to use this sign and process to make cable sign. It can print all kinds of characters, and the handwriting is clear and beautiful. The anti-seismic, anti-corrosion and anti-humidity performance of the sign is better than that of the aluminum sign and the plastic sign.

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