Application of Heat Shrinkage Pipe in Diesel Engine Monitoring System

- May 21, 2019-

Thermal shrinkage pipes can be divided into heat shrinkage pipes for automobile wiring harness, magnetic heat shrinkage pipes, diesel elastomer heat shrinkage pipes, anti-skid pattern heat shrinkage pipes, optical fiber joint protection heat shrinkage pipes and so on. Today I will introduce the application of diesel elastomer heat-shrinkable pipe.

First understand what is diesel elastomer heat-shrinkable pipe: diesel heat-shrinkable pipe is made by radiation modification of polymer elastomer, which can be used at high temperature for a long time, diesel oil, aviation fuel and high temperature fluid. It can be used for the protection of military vehicles, high-speed railway vehicles, naval equipment or commercial cable terminals, separation junctions, etc.

We will introduce the use of heat-shrinkable tube of diesel oil in diesel oil monitor. The diesel engine monitor is a CPU electronic measurement and control system of fully automatic control diesel engine and generator set. It can accurately detect and display the speed, oil pressure, water temperature and oil temperature of diesel engine. According to the user's settings, it can timely monitor the above measured parameters and send out sound alarm, light alarm, remote alarm and other messages. No. 1. If the stop function is set and the parameters exceed the stop value, the stop signal is sent to control the electric actuator to cut off the fuel circuit, automatically control the emergency stop of the diesel engine and protect the diesel engine to the maximum extent. A certain equipment limited company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production and service of monitoring system for diesel engine, gas engine and generator set. It can design, develop and produce various monitoring systems according to customers'requirements.

The diesel engine monitor developed by X company needs to seal and protect wiring harness interface. Considering that the monitor is often in the environment of vibration, humidity, salt spray and high and low temperature, it is the best choice to use heat shrinkable tube to protect the harness interface. At the same time, it also needs to be diesel resistant. Our diesel elastomer heat shrinkable tube is chosen.

The working temperature of diesel elastomer heat-shrinkable pipe is - 75 ~150 C, which is well adapted to the high and low temperature working environment of the monitor. At the same time, the heat-shrinkable pipe is flame retardant and has passed RoHS environmental protection certification. It is the best choice of the monitoring instrument.