Application of Heat Shrinkage Pipe in Power Network Protection

- Apr 18, 2019-

The protection of power grid is closely related to our work and life. Effective power grid protection can reduce the blackouts caused by accidents, which also means greatly reducing maintenance costs and maintenance time, thereby reducing the economic and property losses caused by industrial blackouts.

When it comes to power grid protection, of course, heat shrinkable pipes are indispensable, because the main functions of heat shrinkable pipes are electrical insulation of connectors, rust and corrosion prevention of solder joints, mechanical protection and wire harness protection.

In our daily life, the common thermal shrinkable pipe network protection includes relay protection, generator insulation protection, distribution cabinet, switch cabinet insulation protection and so on.

Distributed energy should be maintained in operation and connected to the power grid during power grid failure, and no power should be fed to ensure the voltage stability of the power grid. Insulation protection of electric power can avoid electrical or mechanical damage to distributed energy sources when faults occur. If an accident occurs, the loss should be minimized. The heat shrinkable pipes used for insulation protection should be halogen-free, harmless, low smoke and flame retardant. Therefore, environmental protection and flame retardant standards are very important for the protection of power grids.

The heat shrinkable pipes used in power grid protection need to be halogen-free and environmentally friendly, and reach the highest flame retardant level: VW-1 level.