Application of magnetic heat shrinkable tube in patch inductor

- Apr 22, 2019-

Magnetic heat-shrinkable tube belongs to the category of special heat-shrinkable tube. It is a new type of casing product which combines heat-shrinkable material technology with high-performance magnetic conductive material technology. It can form a closed magnetic circuit in electromagnetic environment, and has the function of reducing electromagnetic radiation and protecting electronic components and circuit system. It has the characteristics of softness, corrosion resistance and insulation similar to ordinary heat shrinkable bushing. It can be used in electronic components, communication circuits, household appliances and other fields which need to reduce electromagnetic radiation and interference.

An inductor limited company specializes in the production of vertical inductor, color code inductor, power inductor, chip power inductor, patch power inductor, SMD power inductor, SMD power inductor, patch inductor, inductor coil, etc. The products mainly support the automotive industry, national defense, electronic communication, digital products, etc. At the same time, it provides high-quality electronic components for the whole plant.

The specifications of magnetic heat-shrinkable tubes used in patch inductors are between 5 and 14MM, and OD6mm and OD8mm magnetic heat-shrinkable tubes are mostly used in inductors.

Magnetically shrinkable tube can replace magnetic glue and shielding magnetic ring to provide shielding magnetic circuit for the outer layer of power inductance, and also can be used to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of unshielded inductance. According to the difference of inductance, it can be divided into two specifications: CX10 and CX30. CX10 can increase inductance by 10%, CX30 can increase inductance by 30%.

The magnetic heat shrinkable tube has excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI), and is trusted by many inductor manufacturers.