Application of polyolefin identification card in cable identification

- Jul 17, 2020-

The identification card is made of environment-friendly polyolefin material. It can be used as an identification card by binding it to the cable with standard cable. In order to improve the communication extrusion facilities of the base station, many domestic base station manufacturers use Kehong's Polyolefin identification card in subway stations.

Before the application of polyolefin identification card, many customers choose to use paper label for cable marking. Although the price is relatively cheap, but in the outdoor after a period of time in the wind and sun, these labels will rot, become meaningless.

After communication with the technical department, it is recommended to use SM-1 polyolefin identification card for identification. During the use process, customers are very satisfied with the quality identification of our products. The following photos show the performance in practical application.

The reason why polyolefin identification card has been applied and recognized is mainly due to the following factors:

First, the temperature resistance of the product can reach 125 ℃, so it can be used in normal weather conditions;

Second, the identification card can be printed on it, which can play a permanent mark, and is scratch resistant and wear-resistant;

Third, the use of simple, do not need to disconnect the line, only standard cable can be.

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