Application of PTFE casing in fluid transportation

- Jul 14, 2020-

PTFE PTFE sleeve is made of high-quality Teflon PTFE, has excellent electrical insulation, high flame retardant and self-lubricating properties, high temperature resistance, resistance to almost all oils and chemicals, widely used in electrical insulation, electronic communications, Automotive, military, aerospace and other fields.

     One of our foreign customers told us that they will use PTFE Teflon sleeves for fluid transportation and do not require heat shrinkage.

  According to the customer's description to us, we select the suitable size for the customer and mail samples for testing.

     Customers used to buy locally from the United States, but their prices are very high. Using local PTFE PTFE sleeves will bear a high cost every month, so the customer found us and was satisfied with the price. .

     In the end, the customer tested the samples we mailed in the past for testing, and can completely replace the local products. Therefore, the customer and we successfully reached a cooperation.


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