Application of PTFE Heat Shrink Tube in High Precision Testing Instrument

- Mar 06, 2019-

The development of science and technology has provided new means for high-precision engineering measurement, such as electronic measurement technology, automation technology, etc. More and more requirements have been put forward for high-precision engineering measurement, such as the installation of large antenna arrays required by radio astronomy, the installation of guideways for launching missiles, and some projects harmful to human body or inconvenient for personnel. Accuracy engineering surveying realizes telemetry.

With the increasing requirement for equipment, the requirement for the components of the internal components of the equipment is also enhanced. Comparing with the development of shrinkable casing industry, it is becoming more and more diversified with the development of society. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PTFE) heat shrinkable casing has greatly improved its comprehensive performance. And according to the market survey and postgraduate entrance examination. Our PTFE heat-shrinkable tubes are not only superior to the conventional products on the market in performance, but also have a lot of space to choose. To meet the needs of all walks of life.

High-precision engineering measurement technology includes high-precision collimation measurement, high-precision direction observation, high-precision distance measurement, high-precision height difference measurement, and the design, manufacture and installation of corresponding high-precision measurement marks.

Compared with other products, insulation protection, wear resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, and long-term use of PTFE at high temperature can better meet the technical requirements.