Application of PVDF Thermal Shrinkage Tube in Lighting Industry

- Jul 24, 2019-

Kehong-PVDF thermal shrinkable sleeve is a kind of uniform light principle, which uses light to pass through different refractive index media, so that light can produce many refraction, reflection and scattering, and obtain the effect of optical diffusion. The transmittance can reach 85-93% and the mist 95-99%. It can be processed according to the special requirements of customers. Green environmental protection: It meets the requirements of EU RoHS directive, and has no mercury and ultraviolet pollution of traditional energy-saving lamps, energy-saving and low carbon.

The traditional fluorescent lamp, which has lived with us for at least two generations, has always been the first choice for ordinary families because of its bright color and low price. A few years ago, I dare say that every family has fluorescent lamps, which is not too much.

With the emergence of LED lights, there is a trend of replacing fluorescent lamps for a long time. However, due to the high cost, the same luminosity can be achieved at a high price, which is difficult for ordinary families to accept.

Can we take an intermediate value, our traditional fluorescent lamp mode, a small number of LED lamps, to achieve the same, or even beyond the performance of fluorescent lamp "fluorescent lamp"?

Kehong Electronics Co., Ltd. has finally produced PVDF heat-shrinkable tubes for fluorescent lamps after continuous testing by R&D department and cooperation with many LED manufacturers. The heat shrinkable tube is milky white. Of course, it can also be other colors. Let's take the commonly used white for example. Efficiency is not limited to insulation protection. Its most important function is diffuse luminescence. Its principle and structure are as follows: the function of the light diffusive heat shrinkable tube is to convert the point light source of the LED fluorescent lamp into the surface light source evenly, so as to achieve the effect of uniform light.