Application of Thermal Shrink tube with Bus Bar Protection in Distribution Cabinet

- Aug 28, 2019-

In fact, the mother row can be seen everywhere in life. As long as there is electricity, you can see the shape of the mother row heat shrinkage tube in the distribution box in the building, the distribution cabinet in the community, and the substation in the city. Next, through a small case to understand the mother row heat shrinkage tube, to see what features and functions it has.

An electrical company in Guangdong is a professional company engaged in research and development, production, sales, technical transformation and maintenance of electrical equipment, power engineering, smart grid primary and secondary equipment protection and control devices and other high-tech products. In order to strictly control the quality and ensure the quality of products, the company needs a product that can protect the normal use of bus bars in distribution cabinets from short-circuit danger. Later we were found, and our company provided 10KV heat-shrinkable tube for its mother exhaust.

The 10KV heat shrinkable tube is made of radiation crosslinked polyolefin material. It has excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties. Its main functions are electrical insulation of connectors, rust and corrosion prevention of solder joints, mechanical protection and reducing phase spacing.

20KVbusbar (5)