Application of Thermal Shrinkage Pipe in Spacecraft Protection

- Aug 29, 2019-

Heat shrinkable pipes are widely used in automotive wiring harness, aerospace, ships, rail transit and other fields of insulation sealing protection. Today, the insulation protection of heat shrinkable pipes on spacecraft is introduced.

The performance of spacecraft exterior materials will change due to the irradiation environment of charged particles in space. Charged particle irradiation degrades the solar absorption ratio of spacecraft thermal control coatings, breaks the molecular bonds of polymer materials, decreases the output power of solar cells and affects the performance of optical devices. It is of great significance to study the radiation effects of charged particles in space for the development of long-life and high-reliability spacecraft in China.

Heat shrinkable pipes are commonly used for insulation on spacecraft. For example, thermal shrinkable sleeve is used in spacecraft magnetic torques to protect wires and cables, which plays the role of insulation and sealing. The breakdown electric field strength and volume resistivity of heat shrinkable casing are important performance indicators reflecting its insulation protection.

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