Application of waterproof cold shrinkable pipe in telecommunication industry

- Aug 24, 2020-

In the mid-1960s, 3M company invented the cold shrinkable material technology. In the late 1980s, the northern United States tried to apply cold shrinkable tubes to cable joints. 3M cold shrinkable material entered the Chinese market in 1994. From 1998 to 2002, the cold shrinkable material was recognized in the market and became the most popular new technology product in China.

Most of the cold shrinkable tubes are used for sealing and protection of cable connections. In order to adapt to more extensive applications, Kehong electronic developed silicone rubber cold shrinkable tubes with high shrinkage ratio can be used for the protection of large diameter cables. 40 / 9-180mm silicone rubber cold shrinkable pipe is popular with Korean customers. We have customized a large number of white, and equipped with 40 / 12-150 mm heat shrinkable cable joint tube with rubber tube in the middle wall.

However, during the installation, if the construction personnel do not install carefully, the wrench will damage the surface of the silicone rubber cold shrinkable pipe, which needs to be replaced at this time.

In order to solve this problem, in addition to silicone rubber cold shrinkable tube, Kehong electronic company's technical research and development personnel also developed EPDM cold shrinkable tube, which has strong tear strength and tensile strength. Compared with silicone rubber cold shrinkable tube, EPDM cold shrinkable tube has better ultraviolet resistance effect. If it is used outdoors, EPDM cold shrinkable tube is definitely an ideal choice.

Due to the requirement of waterproof and sealing of cable, Kehong electronic company has also developed the cold shrinkable cable accessories for supporting use.

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