Application Prospect Analysis of Thermal Shrinkage Insulation Material in Substation

- Mar 26, 2019-

Selection of high quality thermal shrinkable materials will significantly improve the insulation protection level of substations. The application of thermal shrinkable materials in comprehensive insulation protection of substations can reduce accidents and improve the reliability of power supply system, which is of great significance to the safe operation of power system. Thermal shrinkable material is used as insulation protection in substation. Antifouling creep distance increaser is installed on the support insulator of outdoor substation, which greatly reduces the accident rate and ensures the safe and stable operation of power system. Various cases show that the application prospect of thermal shrinkable insulation materials in substations is promising.

Let's look at two more cases:

The investment of thermal shrinkage insulation protection for a 10 kV switch cabinet is about 8000 yuan (including cabinet inside and cabinet top), and that for a 110 kV substation is 30 cabinets, with an investment of about 240,000 yuan. The losses caused by short circuit or pollution flashover accidents of small animals are far greater than those caused by such investments.

The application of thermal shrinkable materials in substations can be further expanded:

(1) Application in handcart switch cabinet.

In recent years, the explosion of handcart switch is often found. The reason is that the diameter of the opening of handcart switch insulation baffle is 200 mm, while the size of handcart straight arm is 80 mm *8 mm. The position often changes after frequent operation, which causes the discharging of charged body to the insulation baffle and further develops to the inner line accident. Therefore, if the thermal shrinkage material is applied to the handcart switch of unattended substation, the thermal shrinkage insulation protection of its straight arm will achieve good results.

(2) Implementing partial insulation protection for live wire.

Thermal shrinkable materials can prevent foreign body overlapping when applied to partial overhead bare conductors, such as 10 kV overhead distribution network lines. For substation feeders, such as 110kV feeders, thermal shrinkable materials can be used for partial insulation protection to prevent foreign body overlapping and conductor discharging to trees, but the requirement of material withstanding voltage level is high.

In a word, the application of thermal shrinkable materials in the insulation protection of substations fundamentally solves the problems of short circuit of small animals, salt spray corrosion, pollution flashover, arc discharge and so on. It is a practical and effective measure to reform the old substation.

The test results show that the material has good insulation performance, thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, aging resistance and temperature resistance. It can be used for insulation protection of bare conductors such as switch cabinets and bus bars in substation switchrooms. It can also be used for insulators to increase creeping distance and prevent pollution flashover.