Attention to Type Selection of Heat-shrinkable Pipe for Master Exhaust

- Jul 01, 2019-

The bus bar refers to the copper bar or aluminium bar connected by the main switch in the cabinet and the switches in the shunt circuit in the power supply system. The surface is insulated and the main function is to be used as conductor.

Sometimes also known as bus bar, is the name of conductive material on power distribution equipment. It is made of flat copper (equivalent to wire), without insulation layer, and painted with color indicating phase sequence outside. It is mainly used for indoor transformer to distribution cabinet, then to power supply main gate, and then connected to each switch.

Matrix heat-shrinkable tube: Tube made of heat-shrinkable material. When used, it is packed on the mother row of electrical equipment and shrinks on the mother row after heating. It plays the role of safety protection or insulation to shorten the distance between phases.

Matters needing attention in the selection of heat-shrinkable tube for mother row I: determination of voltage level

Generally, there are three voltage levels for the heat-shrinkable tube of the mother row, 1KV, 10KV and 35KV. Different voltage levels have different thicknesses and prices, so we must choose the corresponding voltage levels when choosing the heat-shrinkable tube of the mother row.

Matters needing attention in the selection of heat-shrinkable tube for mother row II: Determine the size of mother row to be protected.

The size of mother row is absoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoabsoaccording to the current used. In general, we choose the size of mother row as conventional size: 15*3, 20*3, 25*3, 30*4, 40*4, 40*5, 50*5, 50*5, 50*6, 60*6, 60*8, 60*8, 60*10, 60*10, 80*6, 80*8, 80*10, 80*8, 100*6, 100*6, 100*6, 100*6, 100*8, 100*8, 100*8, 100*8, 100*10, 120*10, 120*8, 120*10, 120*10, 120*10, 120*10, 120*10, 120*10, 120*10, 120*10, 10, 10, 20 (60*10, 20*10, (1) 2 (100 x 10), 2 (120) X 8, 2 (120 X 10)...

So when choosing the type, we can choose the corresponding type of heat-shrinkable tube according to the actual size of the mother row. (For example, if the mother row is 20*3, we can choose the mother row of 20.)

But if there is a special type of busbar, we can not find the standard busbar heat shrinkage pipe corresponding to it, we can according to formula D = L + W (D is the internal strength of the busbar heat shrinkage pipe, L is the width of the busbar, W is the thickness of the busbar).

Of course, there are also many times, there is not a suitable model for you to choose, so when choosing, we should pay attention to:

1. If the size of the heat-shrinkable tube is too small, the thickness of the heat-shrinkable tube after use may be thin, which can not achieve the effect of safe insulation, and may also be the rupture of the heat-shrinkable tube of the mother row.

2. If the size of the main exhaust heat-shrinkable pipe is too large, the shrinkage of the heat-shrinkable pipe may not be tight, or the appearance of the shrinkage fold may appear after the use of the heat-shrinkable pipe.