How do I choose a heat shrinkable tubing size?

- Sep 07, 2018-

How do I choose a heat shrinkable tubing size?

1. Choosing the right heat shrinkable tubing size is all about taking the right measurements. Use a caliper to measure the diameters of the smallest and largest parts you will be covering with the tubing.


2. Choose heat shrinkable tubing that is twenty to thirty percent larger than your largest measurement. The extra twenty to thirty percent will allow room to slide the expanded tubing over the largest part.


3. Don’t forget your small measurement, checking to make sure that the heat shrinkable tubing has a high enough shrink ratio to get a snug fit on the smallest part you wish to cover, usually, it require that the tube after full shrink ID should be smaller than the cable min. OD, only in this way, the tube can seal the wire and cable tightly.


4. Finally, when placing your order, it’s a good idea to buy a little extra because some heat shrink tubing also shrinks lengthwise! This measurement is referred to as "longitudinal shrinkage" on the tubing specification, but isn't always provided for all heat shrinkable tubing products