Comprehensive insulation protection for power system of new energy electric vehicle

- Apr 21, 2020-

The development of electric vehicles and intelligent joint vehicles are two major trends in the future. At present, new energy vehicles have become a national strategy. In 2018, the global sales of automobiles were 92.44 million, and the sales of automobiles in China were 28.88 million; in 2018, the global sales of new energy electric vehicles were 1.22 million, and the sales of automobiles in China were 735000, accounting for 66%; California, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, India, France, and the United Kingdom of America have introduced one after another The planned schedule for banning the sale of fuel vehicles is roughly between 2025 and 2040.

The core of the new energy electric vehicle is "three electrics" (motor, electric control, battery). Many enterprises are in the layout. At present, most of the technical schemes are based on the technology published by Tesla, which is also very important for the insulation protection of the three electrics system. Especially after many combustion events, the requirements of flame-retardant, fire-resistant and high-temperature resistance have been improved.

For the electric control system of new energy vehicle drive motor, kehong provides H-class high temperature resistant, V0 flame-retardant, high-strength glass fiber sleeve, silicone rubber heat shrinkable tube, fluororubber heat shrinkable tube, rubber heat shrinkable tube and bellows products, which have been applied in many domestic front-line drive motors.

For the high-voltage connecting line and high-voltage connecting line insulation protection of the connecting parts such as motor, electric control, high-voltage connecting box and battery pack, the corrugated pipe and double wall heat shrinkable pipe products provided by Kehong electronic meet the requirements of flame retardant V0 and heat aging.

Guangzhou Kehong Electronic Co., Ltd., as a member enterprise of the new energy automobile electric motor control alliance, provides a complete set of solutions for the electrical insulation of new energy vehicles, which conforms to the standards of QC / t29106-2014 and GB / t2408-2008. There are many solutions for high temperature resistance, flame retardance, aging resistance and oil resistance.