Comprehensive insulation protection solution for power system

- Apr 23, 2020-

Solutions for insulation protection of overhead lines

From various types of power generation to transformation to transmission of power lines and comprehensive insulation protection of various power equipment;

Special tear resistant silicone rubber and cross-linked polyolefin materials have superior physical and chemical electrical insulation performance, corrosion resistance and aging performance;

It can effectively reduce electrical safety distance, prevent wind swing, prevent short circuit caused by overlapping of foreign matters, and meet the requirements of power insulation design;

Insulation protection solution for electrical cabinet

As we all know, in the design process of power overhead lines, subject to the specific environment or the changes and construction of cities over the years, there will be many potential safety hazards, such as overhead lines and buildings, tunnels, overhead roads, trees, fish ponds, etc.; take the fish ponds under the high-voltage lines for example, the informal data of a province in the middle one year because of fishing touching the high-voltage overhead lines There are more than 15 fatal accidents, so how to carry out comprehensive insulation protection for power overhead lines?

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