Glue filled heat shrink tube

- Dec 10, 2019-

Kehong heavy wall adhesive lined heat shrink tubing

Detailed Description of Products:

Material:  made of polyolefin and hot melt adhesive.The outer layer has good insulation and corrosion prevention performance, and the inner layer has good waterproof sealing and mechanical strain buffer performance.


Waterproof of electronic equipment.

Sealing of wire divergence.

Protection and waterproof of wire harness.

Corrosion protection of metal pipeline.



Shrink ratio: 3/1, 4/1.

Standard Color: Black. Red, Green, Yellow, Green, Clear, Blue color can be produced based on MOQ

The lowest temperature of complete shrinkage: 120 centigrade degree.

The outer layer is made of environmental fire resistant polyolefin, Rohs certificate.

The inner layer is made of special process hot melt adhesive, having excellent bonding and sealing effect.

Continuous operating temperature: -55~125 centigrade degree.

Tensile strength after aging (150℃/168hrs): ≥12MPa

Fire Resistant: VW-1.


Packaging and shipping:

Packaging:  1.22m/Pcs. (Can be packed or cutted as request)

Shipping:By express(Samples), by air, by sea(Large volume)

Brand Name: Kehong


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