Heat shrinkable tube scheme - 35kV main transformer busbar is equipped with heat shrinkable tube of busbar

- Jun 08, 2020-

Project: the 35kV main transformer busbar of power generation workshop of power engineering department is equipped with busbar heat shrinkable pipe.

1、 Project background objectives

1.1 the power generation workshop of the Ministry of electric power engineering has five 35kV main transformers, which are important parts of the power system of the power generation workshop and are used to connect 6kV and 35kV Power Systems. Because the transformer is exposed to the outside all the year round, the ABC three-phase mark on the original bus has been blurred, which is not conducive to the operator accurately tell which bus has problems when there is abnormal in the bus during patrol inspection, and is also not conducive to the maintenance personnel to do experiments on the maintenance of each bus, which is easy to confuse the bus of each phase.

1.2 due to the bad local climate conditions, it is easy to have windy and sandy weather. In addition, in the rainy season, sand dust and rainwater will cause certain corrosion to the main transformer busbar and connecting parts. In addition, in case of wind and rain, it is likely to scrape the branches on the surrounding trees onto the busbar. Once different phases are overlapped, it will cause a short circuit accident, which will affect the safety of the equipment and production operation. Therefore, the workshop improves the visualization and protection of the main transformer during maintenance.

2、 Project specific measures

2.1 during the outage and maintenance of the main transformer, heat shrink the 35kV busbar and 6kV busbar of the main transformer. The yellow green red heat shrinkable tubes of the bus bar are respectively applied to the ABC three-phase of the bus bar;

2.2 make three-color letter signs and paste them respectively in the place with better visual position of the busbar;

2.3 in addition, this visual rectification also marks the liquid level mark of the transformer oil conservator in three colors, so that the staff can see at a glance whether the transformer oil is within the normal range;

2.4 at the same time, the elbow shall be made and installed at the oil drain valve at the bottom of the main transformer to prevent dust from directly adhering to the ball valve of the oil drain valve and affecting the opening and closing performance of the valve;

3、 Implementation effect

3.1 the insulation protection of the 35kV bus and 6kV bus of the main transformer is strengthened after the heat shrinkable treatment of the bus heat shrinkable pipe, which greatly reduces the risk of the bus short circuit caused by the bad weather and improves the safety of the power system operation;

3.2 the yellow green red three color bus bar heat shrinkable tube shall be respectively set on the ABC three-phase of the bus bar and the three color ABC letter mark shall be pasted on the place with good visibility of the bus bar, so as to facilitate the inspection personnel and maintenance personnel to identify each phase of the bus bar, avoid confusion and mistake, and facilitate the inspection and maintenance belt;

3.3 at the same time, three color upper and lower limit signs shall be pasted on the oil tank level gauge of the main transformer, so that the staff can clearly know whether the oil level of the transformer is normal;

3.4 in addition, elbows shall be installed at the oil drain valve at the bottom of the transformer to avoid dust adhering to the valve, to ensure the integrity and good switching performance of the valve, and to provide directional diversion for oil leakage in case of oil leakage accident of the transformer, so as not to cause large-scale pollution.

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