Heat shrinkable tube shrinking process

- Dec 20, 2017-

No matter whether the heat shrinkable tube is used as the lead wire mark or the special motor lead wire is used for insulation and sealing protection materials, only the heat shrinkable process is scientific and reasonable, which can ensure the thermal shrinkage of the heat shrinkable tube is reliable, practical and stable. The following is the heat shrinkable technology and its attention.

1, radial dimension design and thermal shrinkage burst: heat shrinkable tube generates more than 50% shrinkage along the radial direction after heating, so as to ensure that the heat shrinkable tube of the sleeve is firmly positioned on the carrier after heat shrinkable, its radial dimension must be selected properly. The radial size is too large, the heat shrinkage is not fixed, the radial size is too small, and the heat shrinkable and the motor are easily bakery.

2, baking tools and baking efficiency: heat shrinkable tube heat shrinkable can use electric hair, heating tank, oven and other tools. In actual operation, the heat shrinkable tube with a drum electric gun which is baked with a mobile power supply has the highest efficiency and the most convenient use.

3, the heat shrinkage, shrinkage defects and false position: used as a heat shrinkable wiring marking tube, heat shrinkable location has two requirements: one is to close to the cold terminal, two is solid in three (or six, nine) lead position on the basic level. If the shrinkage occurs at the bottom, the shrinkage position of the heat shrinkable tube may be uneven after the transportation, dipping and thermosetting process. Slight influence on the visual effect will seriously affect the marking effect and even fall off. The shrinkage of the heat shrinkable tube of the special motor with insulating and sealing protective materials may cause the movement of the shrinkage position, which affects the protection function of the connection ends or the cold pressing ends of the lead wire. In addition to the material into the plant when the best test of heat shrinkable tube, to avoid shrinking the phenomenon of insufficient heat shrinkable tube (up to a certain temperature or heating again will not shrink).

4, impregnating paint adhesion and protection: as many motor manufacturers use epoxy impregnating varnish to impregnate the baking motor, to prevent adhesion between the heat shrinkable tubes during baking, the heat shrinkable tube cable must be fixed in proper way before dipping. The inner press can use a concave baffle to prevent adhesion.

5, dirt and protection: dipping, junction box wiring and other processes may smear the heat shrinkable tube logo, so the corresponding protective measures should be given in the heat shrinkable process and inspection should be strengthened.