Heating Analysis of Special Protective Thermal Shrinkage Pipe for Automobile Wire Harness

- May 24, 2019-

Hot air gun

Hot air gun is a kind of small heater widely used. The hot air gun machine is light in weight and easy to carry. It can be handled by one hand without auxiliary equipment. The processing is not restricted by the production site. It is suitable for wire harness manufacturers under various conditions. The hot air gun is shown in Figure 1. Hot air gun machine operation is mainly controlled by a simple combination switch, which is generally divided into three grades: OFF (switch), LOW (low grade), HIGH (high grade). When using, the hot air gun machine is connected to the power supply. First, the OFF is moved to LOW, and the hot air gun machine starts to heat at low temperature. As long as the hot air gun machine muzzle is aligned to the part needing heat shrinkage, the heat shrinkage tube can be heated. If the diameter of heat shrinkage tube is larger and longer, the switch of hot air gun machine can be moved from LOW to HIGH to accelerate the time and efficiency of heat shrinkage. In addition, when the diameter of the heat shrinkable tube is larger or longer, the switch of the hot air gun machine can be directly moved from OFF to HIGH when it is used. The heating time and temperature must be paid attention to. Although there are many manufacturers of hot air gun machine on the market, the color and style are different, but the main working principle and function are the same, it is a portable heating equipment.

The following are the main features of using a hot air gun to heat shrinkable tubes.

1) It has the advantages of simple operation, flexibility and convenience, less capital investment and low production cost, and can be produced without site restriction by using simple tooling table or tooling board and other auxiliary tooling.

2) The shortcomings of the staff production site operation is not easy to standardize, inconvenient management; relying on manual heat shrinkage, heat shrinkage pipe heating process is prone to non-uniform, heat shrinkage pipe bonding together and bad lines; hot air gun long time high temperature start-up, damage and short life.

3) The scope of application is used for the heat shrinkage processing of special heat shrinkable tubes for automotive wiring harness.

Semi-automatic heat shrinkage tube heater

Semi-automatic heat-shrinkable tube heater is a desktop portable heat-shrinkable tube heating equipment, mainly composed of infrared heater and heating control box. The heating temperature and time can be controlled by the panel on the heating control box. At the same time, it also has the function of counting and preventing heating timing errors.

When the semi-automatic heat shrinkage tube heater is in use, the operator only needs to put the heat shrinkage part of the wire harness into the heater and start the heating switch. After the heating is completed, the sound and light on the panel of the heating control box prompts the staff to move the wire harness, that is, the operation is completed and the next operation can be carried out.

The following are the main features of using semi-automatic heat-shrinkable tube heater to heat the heat-shrinkable tube.

1) It occupies a small production area and is easy to move and shift; the heating temperature is uniform and the heating efficiency is higher than that of the hot air gun machine; it has a certain function of error prevention and safety protection.

2) Disadvantage needs to plan special production plant area; operators must undergo professional training, need special operation; need certain capital and equipment investment.

3) Wire harness shrinkage processing is suitable for all stages of production and has a wide range of applications.

Crawler type automatic heat shrinkable tube heater

Crawler-type automatic heat-shrinkable tube heater is a horizontal automatic heat-shrinkable tube heating equipment. In operation, the wire is continuously placed at the front end of the machine into the transmission port, and the track automatically transmits the wire harness. The heat shrinkage process is completed through the heat shrinkage zone, and then the wire harness is automatically cooled at the end of the machine. Finally, the wire harness falls into the working slot. After such an operation process, the thermal shrinkage process is completed.

Crawler type automatic heat shrinkable tube heater can control motor shutdown, short heating line, heating chamber opening, temperature exceeding limit, power supply wrong shutdown, working temperature deviation, etc. The use time and processing quantity of the machine can be automatically recorded.

The following are the main features of heating the heat-shrinkable tube with a crawler-type automatic heat-shrinkable tube heater.

1) It has the advantages of high processing efficiency, about 10 times as high as ordinary hot air gun machine; high thermal shrinkage efficiency, thereby saving production costs; better heating stability and consistency than hot air gun; good product consistency, can be adjusted to exactly the same temperature and speed characteristics by multiple equipment.

2) Defects require specialized production areas; operators must undergo professional training; and certain capital and equipment investment is required.

3) The scope of application is suitable for thermal shrinkage processing with fewer conductors at harness junctions or less than 2 m in conductor length. This heater is commonly used by larger wire harness manufacturers.