High-temperature heat shrinkable tube which performance advantages?

- Dec 20, 2017-

1. has multiple safety protection to protect the health of the workers

The high temperature heat shrinkable tube itself has the characteristics of strong pulling force, no wrinkle breaking, pure oxygen nonflammability and good insulation. After solidifying by organic silica gel, it has stronger safety and environmental protection performance. It effectively protects workers' health and reduces the incidence of occupational diseases.

2. thermal insulation, energy saving and consumption reduction, radiation resistance

In high temperature workshop, a lot of pipes, valves or equipment have high internal temperature. If they are not covered with protective materials, it will cause burns or heat loss. High temperature heat shrinkable tube has better thermal stability, radiation resistance and heat insulation than other polymer materials, so it can prevent accidents and reduce energy consumption.

3. moisture-proof and pollution prevention, prolonging the service life of the equipment

The high temperature heat shrinkable tube has strong chemical stability, and silicone oil has no reaction to oil, water, acid and alkali and other substances. It can be used for a long time without being aging at 550 degrees, and the service life in natural environment can reach dozens of years.