How to distinguish non-slip heat shrinkable tube quality

- Dec 20, 2017-

The anti slip heat shrinkable tube is the expansion application of the heat shrinkable tube. Combined with the characteristics of the heat shrinkable tube and the handle's skid resistance, its quality is mainly distinguished from the following aspects.

The material is used for polyolefin material, and there is a grade distinction between the material and the material.

The good or bad of the mould and mould decide the beauty and comfort of the antiskid heat shrinkable tube after forming.

The process, the optimization of the process and the control can reduce and eliminate the bad product rate of the antiskid pattern heat shrinkable tube in the heating use.

The skid proof heat shrinkable tube adopts high quality raw materials, professional mold developed by the master, and considering the needs of customers from the process, it solves the problem of handle sheath of handle, fitness equipment and tools well.