How to Repair Headphone Plug with Heat shrink Bushing

- Mar 05, 2019-

Headphone plug is broken, not necessarily need to change plug to repair directly, today's edition will introduce you the specific method of repairing headphone plug with heat shrinkable sleeve.

Cut off the plug first, then strip off the wires. The earphone wires need not be too long 1-1.5CM.

After shaping, there are 3 (4, 6 and 8) inside the earplug wires. First, we melt the coating on the surface of each wire with electric soldering iron. Remember that soldering tin must be on the soldering iron. Otherwise, it's easy to make the wires blurred so that the back is not suction welded, and the heat shrinkable sleeve is ready to be cut beside it.

When each wire is soldered, put the earphone on correctly and measure it around (usually the earphone wire is made of red to the right green or blue to the left copper to shield). Remember that if there are multiple wires, you are not sure which one is the shield line, you may need to open a unit to see it!

After distinguishing, we will prepare the plugs, take out the plugs we have prepared, and also distinguish the left and right channels. Here we should remember the sequence of the plug parts: generally, the plugs are three rings, from top to bottom, the first ring is the left channel, the second ring is the right channel, and the third ring is the shield. Simply put: shielding from the upper left, middle right and lower right.

Now after distinguishing the plugs, point a little solder at the solder joint to facilitate the welding work behind!!

After all the preparatory work is done, we first put the socket part of the plug on line, and then prepare to weld. After aligning the position, we weld it in turn. Remember not to reverse the left and right channel welding.

After welding, we use a multimeter to measure or plug in an MP3 to test it. If the sound is not correct, we will re-weld it. If everything is all right, we'll press the line of the plug.

Then put on the seat part of the plug. So far, it has been basically completed, but I suggest that in the position where the heat-shrinkable sleeve can be sleeved, it is better to put a heat-shrinkable sleeve on, so as to help protect the line part from bending.

Above is a brief introduction of repairing headphone plug with heat shrinkable sleeve, which is not detailed enough, but you will understand the specific operation.