How to use high temperature heat shrink tube

- Dec 20, 2017-

In general, high temperature heat shrinkable tube is a kind of semi conductive heat shrinkable tube products, bending stress can increase the cable effectively, and play a role in the absolute cable head, but I shrink when the gentle bending is not easy to bend too much and broken, insulation protection.

In addition, we need to grasp the characteristics of mould in detail, we should pay attention to is that the high temperature heat shrinkable tube mold determines the forming tread the whole appearance of the heat shrinkable tube and comfort, so in this regard, we also should not be underestimated, if the process is a reasonable optimization and to control, we can effectively reduce and prevent slip on the heat shrinkable tube used in heating in the failure rate, so when in use, a standard is that we should pay attention to. The material composition of heat shrinkable tube is usually made by blending or copolymerization of various polymer materials. The general substrate is polar polymer, and then adding high dielectric constant filler and so on.