How to Use Ray Thermal Shrinkage Tube in Fiber Optic Cable Welding

- Mar 07, 2019-

Optical fibers are short for optical fibers, which are made of glass or plastic, and can be used as optical transmission tools. With the development of science and technology, optical fiber has defeated copper cable with its superior performance and become an important transmission medium of network backbone line.

At present, the use of optical fibers is more and more extensive, and the products such as optical fibers fittings which are used in conjunction with optical fibers are constantly emerging. The technology related to optical fibers is becoming more and more mature with the wide application of optical fibers, among which the fusion technology of optical fibers is one of them:

In order to make better connection between optical fibers, a new product emerged: optical fibre heat shrinkable tube. Here we introduce how to use optical fibre heat shrinkable tube.

1. Strip the outer layer of the optical cable.

During the operation, rotate the sheath cutting knife, pay attention to the incision, see the white polyester belt, stop feeding knife and take off the cutting knife.

2. Fix the cable and pay attention to the core bundle tube.

After stripping the outer layer of the cable, it is necessary to fix the cable in the cable junction box. Peel off the core tube. Prepare for the fusion of optical fibers.

Therefore, it is generally advisable to strip it to two fixed clamps. In this length, the core bundle tube will not cause damage to the optical fiber, but also can be well fixed. However, the clamp of the fixed optical fiber thermosyphon tube can not be too tight, otherwise the optical fiber of the core bundle tube will increase the loss due to the stress, and the optical fiber will break after a long time, leaving hidden dangers to the project.

3. Welding of optical fibers.

The continuity of optical fibers is directly related to the quality and life of the project, and the key is the fabrication of the end face of optical fibers. The end of the optical fiber is smooth, without burrs or defects. The welder can well accept confirmation and make joints that meet the engineering requirements. If the end of the optical fiber is not qualified, the welder will refuse to work, or the joints that come out will lose a lot, which does not meet the engineering requirements. Welding machine is the key equipment of optical fiber fusion, and it is also a kind of equipment with high precision and high price. It must be operated in strict accordance with the regulations in the course of use, otherwise it may cause heavy losses. In particular, it should be noted that the operation procedure of the welder, the length of the optical fiber heat shrinkable tube should be set in accordance with the requirements.

4. Protection of optical fibers.

After the fusion of optical fibers, not only the thermal shrinkage pipe protection of optical fibers, but also the residual fibers are retained.

A. In the process of disc fiber, the bending radius of the disc fiber should not be too small, generally not less than 4 mm. The bending radius is too small, which can easily cause excessive refraction loss and increase dispersion. For a long time, fibre breakage may also occur.

B. When discing, pay attention to the twist direction of optical fibers, usually inverted "8" type, pay attention to not twisting the optical fibers, after disc is finished, all the optical fibers are placed under the baffle of the receiving disc, so as to avoid damaging the optical fibers during packaging.

5. Sealing of joint box.

In the actual integrated wiring project, the sealing of cable junction box is very important. Because if the junction box of the optical cable is filled with water, the optical fiber indicates that it is easy to produce tiny cracks. If it is soaked in water for a long time, the optical fibers will break, and most of the cable junction boxes are buried underground. So the sealing of the joint box is very important.

Above is for how to use fiber thermal shrinkable tube in fiber optic cable fusion some of the points of attention and operation steps, more knowledge about thermal shrinkable tube can be concerned about our official website, we will make real-time updates.