Identification of heat shrinkable identification tube for wire harness in motor

- Nov 12, 2019-

Heat shrinkable tubes are widely used in the packaging of electrolytic capacitors, electronic devices and batteries, especially in the case of electrolytic capacitors. This kind of sleeve can also be printed.

The technology of heat shrinkable identification tube is simple and does not need mould. Different thickness of lead wire can use different diameter of casing, easy to use.

The casing will not fall off after being put on. There is no possibility of shell collision and short circuit caused by loose aluminum label.

The cost of heat shrinkable casing is low.

The heat shrinkable sleeve is beautiful, eye-catching and does not consume non-ferrous metals.

In addition, it can also be used as the protection of the motor shaft extension. When the motor leaves the factory, it is sheathed on the shaft extension and tightly wrapped on the shaft extension and the flat key after being heated and contracted, which is more beautiful and advanced than wrapping with plastic paper, especially on the motor with baking paint for surface paint.

On the 1.5KW four pole special motor for the coal mine large fan produced by Nanfang coal machinery plant, our plant adopts the heat shrinkable identification tube produced by Kehong Electronics Co., Ltd. as the line end mark of the motor outgoing line, replacing the aluminum label plate commonly used.