Instructions of Hot Air Gun

- Sep 27, 2019-

110V to 240V, 50Hz to 60Hz, 1600W

With temperature display window

Change-over plug are available


Hot air gun can be used to melt material, soften coating or plastic, heat shrinkable tube, car upholstery, refrigerator defrost and so on. At the same time, it is the main tool to shrink the heat shrinkable tube as long as it chooses the proper temperature and the best distance, and will not have bad effect on other objects.

1. Used for bending plastic pipe:

When the hot air gun is bending the plastic pipe, please separate the vent from the surface of the plastic pipe at 5~15 centimeter, and heat it evenly around the curved part of the plastic tube until you feel it has begun to soften and start to bend. Bend a little in the process of bending, because the plastic tube will slightly rebound in the opposite direction after cooling.
2. Used for eat shrinkable packaging film and heat shrink tubes:
The shrink plastic film and heat shrink tubes can be heated and shrinked by hot air gun. At the beginning of heating, it is heated from the far distance and evenly to the shrinkable film and tube, and then slowly approaching until the shrink film, shrinking well and tightly, hot air gun can also be used for thermal shrinkage of capacitors, batteries, and cable terminals, etc.
3. Preheating

Small metal preheating (for example: rollers, pistons, etc.), relaxation of fasteners, machine body preheating.


How to use it?

1.When the hot air gun starts to turn on the power, switch the switch to "I" (low) or "II" file (high). Hearing the "buzzing" call (indicating that the motor is working), the electric hot wire will be slowly reddened, and will take some smoke. This is because the electric wire and the wind pipe have a layer of gold, which is used for antirust, and the smoke

will disappear quickly; after used for a period of time, the front tube becomes black, which is due to high temperature and does not affect the use of hot air guns.

2.If the motor is not rotated in use, the switch should be immediately pulled to the position of "O", and the power plug is pulled out and the hot air gun is sent to the sales point or the manufacturer for repair.

3. Stop using the switch to the "O" position, please keep the hot air gun's tuyere upward, the hot air will naturally rise, the natural cooling, if the wind pipe head down, the heat can not be quickly emitted, leading to the temperature inside the motor increase, and will reduce the life of the hot air gun at the same time. When the wind pipe is cooled, it can be stored.

4. To help the cooling of the hot air gun and the extension of life and avoid accident, in the stop use, the hot air gun should switch from high (II) to low (I) to blow up for 15 seconds firstly, then from the low to "O", finally, pull out the plug is in time.


Special Note: Minors prohibited

1. Do not let it leave your sight when starting the hot air gun. If you want to leave, no matter how short the time is, please unplug the plug first.

2. Work in dry places, because in a humid environment will cause unnecessary electrical leakage. if you must work in damp places, try to choose a dry place to stand and wear rubber shoes.

3. To avoid burns or personal injuries, do not touch the hot front pipe(tuyere)directly with your hand, and do not blow the hot air gun into the hair, skin, eyes and other parts of the body. Please keep in mind that the temperature of the hot air gun is up to 650 degrees centigrade, and the zinc will melt at 420 C, the lead will melt at 327 C, the tin welding at 216 centigrade, the outlet temperature of the hot air gun can reach 650 degrees C, and the fire line will be red.

4. The temperature of the hot air gun is very high. Do not blow the hot air gun directly to the surface damaged by heat. For example, plastic parts, textile products, or furniture with cloth and suede on the surface.

5. Do not use hot air guns in narrow spaces where toxic solvents are stored. Because toxic solvents will slowly evaporate when they encounter hot air, and accumulate to a flammable concentration. Some solvents burn even when they are as low as 204 degrees, so try to keep the hot air gun away from the toxic solvent space.

6. When you want to store the hot air gun, you have to wait until the white iron tube(tuyere) is cooled, then you can touch with hands.

7. Do not blocking the air income and outcome parts, that will reduce the flow of the air and increase the temperature of the air vent, which will cause the temperature of the inner parts of the hot air gun and the heat to damage the hot air gun.

8. Do not repair or disassemble the hot air gun yourself, please send it to the distributor to repair it, or send it to our company, and explain the cause of its failure. In fact, we are very welcome to tell us about any kind of abnormal condition, because it will make us perfect our design or manufacturing problems, so that we can make us the quality of the product has been improved.

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