Insulation protection solution of new energy vehicle system

- Jun 15, 2020-

The oil energy will be exhausted eventually. Intelligent human beings have long predicted the oil energy crisis in the future. New energy vehicles have been extremely popular in recent two years. Since Tesla launched a pure electric vehicle and it has become popular with the public, the pure electric vehicle made in China was also released in London last year! As a manufacturer of heat shrinkable pipe and equal ratio insulating sleeve, we also keep up with the development of the industry, understand the needs of customers, develop a high cost-effective silicone rubber heat shrinkable pipe, and provide a series of insulation protection solutions!

What insulation protection solutions can we provide for the new energy automobile industry? Let's have a look. In the new energy automobile industry, we can provide insulation protection solutions in five major aspects. First of all, the battery part can use our PVC heat shrinkable pipe and PE heat shrinkable pipe, mainly for insulation protection. Secondly, we can provide PVDF heat shrinkable pipe and PE heat shrinkable pipe to protect the electric control system of new energy vehicles, and then the motor of new energy vehicles will use our 1.5kV glass fiber sleeve, 4KV glass fiber sleeve, and high temperature resistant silicone rubber heat shrinkable pipe, etc. In addition, for the charging pile, we provide orange corrugated pipe. For the harness of the whole vehicle, we provide PE single wall heat shrinkable pipe and double wall heat shrinkable pipe in large quantities for insulation protection.

New energy vehicle is another great initiative of human beings! We constantly improve the technology, innovation and development, and provide better comprehensive insulation protection solutions for heat shrinkable pipe, cold shrinkable pipe, silica gel pipe and other insulating sleeve products in the fields of automobile, motor, communication, military industry, ship, aerospace, etc!


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