Introduction to printing technology of identification tube

- Dec 02, 2019-

Heat transfer printing technology

Characteristics of heat transfer printing technology

Heat transfer printing is a printing method that uses the heat generated by the current flowing through the heating material to make the printing medium close to the surface of the heating material colored after heating, so as to print characters or graphics. The printing medium adopts a special heat transfer film (ribbon). Therefore, heat transfer printing has the following technical characteristics.

1) high output quality. In the printing process of thermal printer, due to the close contact between the thermal printer head and the medium and the extremely short heating time (2-4 MS), extremely clear printing points can be obtained. Compared with the inkjet printer with the same resolution, the output image of thermal printer is much clearer.

2) good applicability of media and durability of output documents. Heat transfer printing has little requirement for printing medium, from ordinary letter paper to copy paper, from plastic film to heat shrinkable identification tube, heat transfer printing is applicable, and the obtained manuscript image has the characteristics of light proof, color fastness, water impermeability and non-proliferation, which is incomparable to laser and ink-jet printing machine.

3) strong resistance to harsh environment and high reliability. The key part of the thermal printer, the thermal print head, is a solid-state device made by IC technology. It has strong shock resistance and vibration resistance, which undoubtedly improves the reliability of the printing equipment.


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